Estate & Inheritance Planning

Estate Planning Puts The Control In Your Hands.

No matter what your net worth may be, an estate plan is the only way to avoid the probate process and save your loved ones, time, taxes and stress.

If a person passes before setting up a will or trust, their state court system dictates how and when their assets are distributed and who will be their beneficiaries.

Preparing a will enables you to control these and other important matters like: who makes your medical decisions should you become incapacitated, and who cares for your minor children when you’re gone.

Contrary to popular belief, trusts aren’t only for the very wealthy. A trust holds your assets for the benefit of you, your spouse, your children and others you choose.

At Barlas Tax & Financial Group LLC, we work closely with Estate Planning Attorneys to give you complete control over your legacy while determining the best, tax-efficient strategy for your needs and goals.

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